“If you don’t change the direction you are headed, you’ll end up where you’re going.”
-- Chinese Proverb

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, synergistic, partnership-based relationship built on mutual trust and confidentiality between the client and coach. The coaching process allows people to tap into their inner purpose and passion, helps them overcome perceived obstacles, and challenges them to move forward to bring more joy into their lives. Coaching is not therapy or uncovering/analyzing emotional issues form the past. Nor does a coach provide you with advice based on their expertise. Coaching is an action-oriented process that involves helping clients clarify their vision and goals and moves them forward from where they are now, to where they want to be. 
We will share a unique partnership. I will ask you many questions, make you dig deep, and challenge you to develop your own solutions. The agenda of coaching sessions will always be solely yours. The solutions you come up with will always be your own. I will keep you accountable in the way you decide works best for you. I will give you honest, objective feedback and be your biggest cheerleader. I will celebrate your successes and victories with you. In other words, it will always be  ALL ABOUT YOU! 
Coaching is an incredible investment in your personal growth!  When you change your core thoughts and energy, your actions will shift and your life will become an

How Does Coaching Work?

In my practice, I always begin with a complimentary discovery session to get to know potential clients and understand what they are hoping to get out of a coaching partnership. This session is designed to give us a chance to get to know each other, see if we mesh well, and answer questions about the coaching process.   
Once we decide we are a good fit, we will set up a coaching package tailored to meet your needs. Typically these packages are most effective in a once a week format over a three or six month time period. Coaching can be done in person, but in most cases, with today’s technology it can be done very effectively from anywhere, on the telephone, via Skype, Face Time, etc.
Typically in each coaching session, we will review goals set in previous sessions, discuss changes/progress/obstacles that occurred; choose a direction to focus on; and finally, develop a plan of action to incorporate before our next session.

What Are Some Benefits Of The Coaching Process?

There are boundless benefits of the coaching process, including:
  • Increased self-awareness, more clarity of purpose, and discovery of who you really are at your core
  • Improved personal, business and family relationships
  • Increased ability to influence others and lead in a positive way
  • Greater sense of self-confidence and appreciation of your achievements, skills and personal strengths
  • Greater understanding of self-induced obstacles, including how to get past the fear and self-doubt
  • An overall sense of optimism and happiness from finding your path and your sense of inner peace

Who Can Benefit From Coaching?

Anyone and everyone! Coaching is for:
  • Anyone facing challenges with time management and maintaining balance
  • People contemplating a job switch, career change or relocation to a new city
  • Executives trying to motivate their employees
  • Entrepreneurs starting up their own businesses
  • Stay-at-home moms deciding whether or not to go back to work
  • Adults deciding to go back to school to pursue another degree
  • Parents facing an empty nest
  • New moms or dads adjusting to the "new normal"
  • People facing retirement and rediscovering their passions
  • People thrust into a caregiver role for a spouse or aging parent
  • Students embarking on their college career, transitioning into adulthood
  • Anyone trying to create a new life after losing a loved one or dealing with the grieving process
  • People trying to manage and create a new paradigm during and post divorce
  • Anyone who wants to live a more authentic, joyful life